PTI Operations
11362 S. Airfield Road
Swanton, OH 43558 USA

+1 419 720-0355


A production partner you can trust
PTI Operations has established itself as the premier manufacturer of technically-challenging, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) preforms, and we are experts in other resins as well. We specialize in producing vast quanity runs of PET and polyolefin preforms for food, personal care, and other applications. Additionally, we can provide small to large quantity runs of injection, extrusion, or reheat stretch blow-molded containers - jars, pods, and bottles.

PartnerOur extensive capabilities also can be put to use for emergencies or for smaller preform runs when you don’t want to disrupt your own production. For example, we can assist with:

  • Production quantities. Capable of highly technical/challenging preform, jar, pod, and bottle production.
  • Resin trials. Daily/weekly studies, multiple materials, small run volumes.
  • Test market quantities. Various quantities regardless of volume
  • Legacy Molds. We run your molds to relieve supply stress and improve use of machine assets. We can deliver 10 to 20 million preforms per year via predictable monthly draws. Let us do a mold compatibility assssment!
  • Emergency runs. Has something unforeseen happened and you need assistance with emergency supply to fill your preform pipeline? We can make your problems disappear.
  • Container production. Small to large quantity runs of injection, extrusion, or reheat stretch blow-molded containers. We can run PET, PP, HDPE and all other packaging resins.

Here are some additional specifics about our process capabilities:

Injection molding
Extrusion blow molding
Reheat stretch blow molding