PTI Operations
11362 S. Airfield Road
Swanton, OH 43558 USA

+1 419 720-0355

About Us

PTI Operations (formerly known as Preform Technologies) brings 15-plus years of production experience to your technically-challenging injection and blow molding project. As part of the PTI Global family of companies, we have a vast technical team supporting our efforts worldwide. Our portfolio includes a long list of PET and polyolefin preform and container success stories.

Generic Bottles 1Having been the silent partner for many key packaging innovations, we know how important confidentiality, performance and speed are to you.

We offer a variety of process and product capabilities that can take you from “concept to commercialization” rapidly. We can assist with every step, from material evaluation to manufacturing support.

Leaning on us as a key independent development resource means that you can take advantage of a variety of tooling and machine capabilities without having to make a capital investment.

Our expertise can help make your next project a commercial success. Please let us know how we can help.